Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Over 500 Years Of Marketing Experience Represented At The 2022 Marketing Legends Luncheon

 Jacksonville marketing professionals from the past 4 decades met for the first 2022 “Marketing Legends” luncheon at the Athenian Owl. Representing a variety of marketing expertise, this group of retired, semi-retired and still active professionals, have a combination of over 500 years of experience in the marketing industry. The primary topic of discussion was the massive changes, particularly technological changes, that have occurred since this group first entered the marketplace. In this “Lunch with Les” photo, the participations at this luncheon include (going around the table from left to right) Bill Robinson, marketing consultant; Mary Fisher, Fisher Agency; Mary Harvey, public relations & recruiting specialist; Jim Lanahan, Advanced Direct Marketing; Bob Kidd, Robert Kidd & Associates; Carolyn Gentry, Florida Times Union; Cam Brown, Mission Grant Writing; Les Loggins, Les Loggins Marketing; Joanelle Mulrain, Fisher Agency; Beverly Jelinek Campbell, Burger King Agency; Jerry Campbell, WJXT/WTLV/WAWS/and more. This group, along with other members who could not attend, have played and are still playing a key role in the success of many of the largest businesses in Northeast Florida. 

Monday, April 11, 2022

Frank Griffin Switches From Car Dealer To Commercial Real Estate

 Over the years, I have handled the marketing for a good many car dealers throughout Northeast Florida. But the one I enjoyed working for the most was Frank Griffin, who had Volkswagen, Chrysler, Peugeot and Alfa Romeo dealerships. Frank left the car business in 2009 and is now active in commercial real estate and resort rentals in Florida and Tennessee. What made our relationship so enjoyable was that Frank wasn’t really a “car guy,” he is a “people” person. He was always honest in his dealings and he cared about the person having the right car that they could afford. He never pushed or put pressure on anyone. And he is still that way today. If you go anywhere with Frank, he is always complimenting people and encouraging them with kind words. When was the last time you heard this from a car dealer? Frank proved you can be successful in business, in any business, and still treat people with care and respect. Frank got his start in the car business just as he was leaving the Air Force in Germany. He sold cars to servicemen returning to the states after their time in Europe. That is where he discovered that he really enjoyed sales. After serving as sales manager for several of the top car dealers in Jacksonville, he went out on this own. Frank is pictured on the left in this “Lunch with Les” photo. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Elevated CPA Provides Tax Services And Business Strategies

 When a Northeast Florida manufacturer needed to determine what they should be paying for raw metal, they turned to their CPA. When a tile company needed to know how to expand its work force, they turned to their CPA. When many micro to medium businesses on the First Coast need more than just tax reporting services from their CPA, they turn to a very unique firm in Clay County - Elevated CPA, owned and operated by Doug Benefield. With a quick review of a tax return, Doug can identify potential problems and saving strategies that justify why these smaller businesses, particularly those in the building trade industry, should hire his firm. Doug says his company is different from most CPA firms in that a client may only see their CPA just to do tax returns or to do an audit or a special project. Doug is on the phone everyday, in constant touch with his clients, addressing tax issues, and even more so, business strategies, something that most small businesses don’t have in-house. Even while having lunch with Doug, he was constantly checking his phone for calls for help from clients. If a business needs additional strategic help or someone to call at any time, they need Doug. He can be contacted at or (904) 563-0060. Doug is on the left in this “Lunch with Les” photo.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Ed Lombard Serves The Community As Well As His Clients

 I had lunch with a friend of mine, Ed Lombard, who is a financial consultant with Agility Wealth Management, part of the Raymond James organization. I know Ed through Rotary. He currently serves as Assistant Governor for the Jacksonville Rotary District. What I like about Ed is his sincere feelings, not only for people in our community, but also for his clients. Ed spends a lot of time involved with Rotary projects throughout the community and he supports kids, such as his work with Providence School. But he also looks after the people who trust him with their assets. He helps individuals and families whether they are just starting out or if they are preparing for retirement. He doesn’t prequalify them by the size of their wealth but by what goals they have and how he can help them achieve their dreams. With his 20 years in the financial industry, he has seen a lot “quick buck” gimmicks. So he is very careful to protect his client’s money like it were his own. Knowing Ed like I do, you can’t help but think he is going to do the best for his clients and the people in our town. He can be reached at (904) 955-9998 or Ed is on the left in this “Lunch with Les” photo.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Utilities In For Radical Change In Next Decade

 I had the opportunity to have lunch with Patrick McGarry, an industry known energy consultant and Senior Director for Power Costs, Inc. (PCI), a national consulting firm to utility companies. Patrick explained that the energy industry has undergone some radical changes over the past 5 years and the next decade will be even more turbulent across the nation, including Northeast Florida. He sees higher fuel prices, rapidly changing energy portfolio towards intermittent renewable energy, like wind and solar, and the change over to electrification (such as plugging in electric cars at home), which could double or triple our demand for energy. He mentioned several issues that could affect Northeast Florida utility rates, such as problems utility companies have keeping a power balance back and forward with homeowners using and selling back solar power. He talked about the possibility of Time-of-Use metering, where electric use is charged to the customer, based on the time of day energy is consumed. Patrick, a 25 year veteran in the energy industry, also writes for national publications about energy issues. If you have an interest in current and future energy challenges, you can contact him Patrick is on the right in this “Lunch with Les” photo. 

Monday, November 15, 2021

Nationally Renowned Newscaster, Mort Crim, Launches His Memoir

The nationally known newsman who inspired Will Ferrell’s role as Ron Burgundy in the movies Anchorman and Anchorman 2 lives right here in Northeast Florida. Mort Crim, the retired news anchorman from stations in Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago and Louisville may be retired from broadcast work but he is busy criss-crossing the country promoting his 8th book, a memoir of his broadcasting career, titled Anchored, A Journalist’s Search for Truth. As a journalist myself, I am in awe of the honors and accolades Mort has earned during his career, not to mention accomplishments such as having 4 nationally syndicated radio news shows; being the regular substitute for the Paul Harvey show; and anchoring ABC’s American Information Network, where he broadcasted Armstrong walking on the moon. From helping Walter Cronkite get out of a stuck bathroom stall to worrying about stepping on the toes of Philippines First Lady Imelda Marcos while dancing (not knowing she had thousands of shoes at the time), his book is loaded with fascinating broadcast stories. But what may be the most intriguing is his struggle with his faith throughout his life. He was an evangelist at age 15 but he came to a spiritual resolve late in life. For autographed books, visit


Monday, November 8, 2021

Customer Service Is Key To Success For Signorello Outdoor Lighting

 Daylight savings time just ended and we’re now back to earlier darker evenings. That’s when Tom Signorello shines. Tom, the owner of Signorello Outdoor Lighting, brightens his customers’ lives by using creative lighting to enhance the looks of homes, to provide additional night time security, and to help increase the owner’s property value. Not your your typical landscape/green industry individual (a Penn State grad and a great Rotarian), he puts his customers first. While he is extremely creative when it comes to designing and installing lighting, he backs his work by providing free light bulb replacement and a lifetime warranty for every job. Knowing Tom as long as I have, his dependability is only outperformed by his attention to people’s needs, whether it’s his customers or Rotary charity work. He has perfected a system for meeting with customers, walking the property and determining the homeowner’s desires, budget limitations, fixture needs and work schedule. Once Tom does the job, it doesn’t have to be done again. That the kind of guy Tom is. For residential or commercial lighting on the First Coast, Tom can be reached at (904) 415-3237. To see examples of his work, visit Tom is on the right in this “Lunch with Les” photo.