Monday, May 4, 2020

Les Loggins Marketing Offers Free Marketing Strategies To Recover From COVID19 Shutdown

COVID19 Small Business No/Low Cost
Recovery Marketing Tips

“Get Back On Your Feet” Marketing Strategies

The following is a list of six no cost or low cost marketing recommendations designed to help small businesses and non-profits in Northeast Florida make a comeback from the coronavirus business shutdown.
1) Short Term Strategic Plan:Before acting or reacting to marketing ideas, map out a short term strategy to address the following areas - a) your immediate marketing goals or objectives; b) identify your audience or personas (specifically your primary audience); c) determine a short term budget; d) identify marketing tasks to achieve your goals; and e) monitor coverage and results.  
Cost = No costs (your time and your staff’s time)

2) Immediate Communication To Existing Customers, Prospects, Suppliers/Vendors and Business Associates:As soon as possible let these key markets know you are open for business and provide any updated information on your products or services.
- Email Campaign:
Cost = No costs (your time and your staff’s time)
- Email Newsletter (Should also be used for long term communications, with a service such as Constant Contact):
Cost = Low costs
- Postcard Mailer (Depending on quantity, consider sending a hand written postcard):
Cost = Low to moderate costs

3) Website Updates:Consider a variety of tasks that can help your situation now and for the future -
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO): To update your site’s search efficiency
Cost = Low to moderate costs (depending on your web developer)
- Website Home Page Or Landing Page: To announce your current business situation
Cost = Moderate to high costs (depending on web developer)
- Website Blog: To inform your market of your business status and activities
Cost = No costs (your time)

4) Social Marketing:There are plenty of no cost opportunities to reach your markets online.
- Online Reviews: Google has suspended reviews during COVID19, but encourage customers to prepare reviews for posting once Google allows.
Cost = No costs
- Linkedin Posts: For business-to-business communications
Cost = No costs
- Facebook Posts: For business-to-consumer communications
Cost = No costs
- Pay Per Click Ads: On Google
Cost = Moderate to high costs
- Virtual Open House: This is an opportunity to talk directly to your market and display products or service personnel through an online service such as Zoom or GoToMeeting.
Cost = Low costs

5) Public Relations:There are many tasks to consider in the public relations category. The following is one of the quickest and lowest cost.
- News Releases: To local print and broadcast media and online through online distribution networks
Cost = No to high costs (depending on the online distribution network used)

6) Local Traditional Advertising:Here are some preferred low cost options in the local media.
- Comcast (now EFFECTV) Advertising: The key is to use zoned and streaming advertising.
Air Time Cost = Low costs
TV Production = Moderate to high costs
- Neighborhood Newspapers: They will produce print ads for you.
Space cost = Low to moderate costs
- JaxDailyNews: Geared more for business-to-business.
Print space cost = Low to moderate costs
Online ads = Low to moderate costs

Each business is different and what will work for some businesses won’t work for others. Les Loggins Marketing is available to customized a marketing strategy and to implement a plan for any type of business, also at a low cost fee. Call Les Loggins at 699-6578; glloggins@gmail.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Les Loggins Marketing Uses Coronavirus Shutdown To Recreate Company Website

Since Les Loggins Marketing, a traditional and online marketing firm, is usually working on marketing tasks, such as website development, for clients, the slowdown caused by the coronavirus gave the firm time to revamp its own website.
Known as a strategic business promoter concentrating on companies in Northeast Florida, Les Loggins, president of the firm, refocused his marketing targets on his website to three groups - small business owners, marketing managers for larger corporations and administrative leaders for trades and non-profits.
He has found that in the case of small business owners, they have uncertainty as to where they should spend their marketing dollars and lack the knowledge of media delivery. He also found that marketing managers need offsite resources for marketing tasks, such as content writing, graphic design and media guidance. And then he found that association leaders usually have a limited marketing budget and need help prioritizing and stretching marketing dollars.
Using the promotional line, “Get More With Les,” Loggins emphasizes his objective is to assist clients’ marketing programs with the goal of building sales, creating a higher profile in the community and increasing the value of the business when the company is sold.
The site quickly outlines a four-step engagement process on how to get a marketing program going and also features a service assurance checklist on how the firm works with the client and how to evaluate results.
Loggins, who is known for his “Lunch with Les” interviews on Linkedin, and which is a branded sales technique, invites prospective clients to meet for lunch to discuss their current marketing status and determine if the firm is the right fit for the client.
The firm’s site is Loggins can be contacted at

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Violence And Shortage Of Skilled Labor Being Addressed By CIS In Jacksonville

An increase instreet violence and the shortage of skilled labor, two of Jacksonville’s biggest problems, are being tackled by Communities In Schools (CIS). Led by CEO Leon Baxton, who grew up on the streets of New York without the help of parents or a community, is a living example of personal success to struggling children in Jacksonville. With their Case Management, Literacy and After-School programs, CIS serves 7,000 students from kindergarten to 12thgrade in 37 Duval County Schools. By providing students with personal and employment skills, they are exposed to opportunities that can lead them to a life of financial success and away from bad behavior. With the help of area businesses, through plant tours, internships and speaking to school assemblies, students can find an interest to pursue. CIS High schools are working with companies to provide opportunities for specialized training for a future workforce, particularly in vocational fields. Baxton encourages companies to contact CIS to build partnerships that can lead to the development of future employees and to keep Jacksonville kids on the right track. Call 904-344-3900. Baxton is on the right in this “Lunch with Les” photo. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Gilbane’s Ryan Sitnik Brings Experience And Technology To Northeast Florida’s Major Construction Projects

With access to an exclusive database of extensive construction techniques, along with utilizing the latest in construction technology, backed by experience in every type of construction dating back to 1870 and his emphasis on pre-construction planning, Ryan Sitnik, the Northeast Florida Business Development Manager for Gilbane, Inc., is making an impact in sales for the nation’s 11thlargest general contractor. With work including major high-rise office buildings, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, and school facilities, no job is too big for the family owned company, headquartered in Providence Rhode Island. Ryan’s strategy is to work with clients in the early planning stage so the construction project can be customized, budgeted and completed on a desired time schedule. The range of his strategy has helped a life sciences manufacturing plant save money by expediting construction time utilizing prefabrication and enhancing production. In contrast, his work for a museum called for close attention to construction details and more quality control for a facility designed to accommodate the public. Ryan can be contacted at 904-451-9785; Ryan is pictured on the right in this “Lunch with Les” photo. 

Monday, December 9, 2019

Bob Massey Carries On Family Tradition of Autos, Real Estate And Rotary

When you mention the Massey family, and you are a Jacksonville native like me, you first think of the Massey Auto Dealerships. But if you are newer to the Northeast Florida market, you may know them to be in commercial real estate as Massey Properties. And then when you think of the last two generations of Massey’s, you can’t help but think of their work with Rotary. I had lunch with Bob Massey, who I have known from South Jax Rotary Club for years. But I didn’t realize that he has carried on the family tradition, not just with Rotary, but also as president of Massey Properties and as a partner in the Orlando Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM dealership. Armed with accounting and real estate experience with two national firms, Bob moved back to Jacksonville from Dallas to help his family transform their former auto dealerships around the state into a successful real estate business. I have found that if you need information regarding auto dealerships, commercial real estate or taking an active role with Rotary, Bob is certainly the “go-to” guy. His website is Bob is on the right in this “Lunch with Les” photo.

Monday, November 25, 2019

ReStores Managers On A Mission For Habijax

Keith Coles and Mike Calder, store managers for the HabiJax ReStores are on a mission. Mike was a Wall Street broker and a restaurant owner in New York. Keith has over 35 years in every kind of retail position for Kohl’s, Kmart and Roses in Chicago. But they both wanted to go after a mission. They found it in Jacksonville - Mike at the 5800 Beach Boulevard store and Keith at the 6260 103rdStreet store. Their mission is to apply their retail talent to making the ReStores a primary destination for building supplies and making the stores profitable enough to help finance homes built by Habijax. “While we accept donations of slightly used goods, we are now also buying new merchandise to provide quality and consistency for products ranging from rugs to mattresses to paint to tools,” Keith reported. “And we feel this retail environment is a big win for everyone. Contractors and customers can get the lowest prices in town. By reselling donated items we send less to the landfill. And our store profits help build homes for those who couldn’t normally afford one,” Mike said. Before you go to a big box store, you should check out the ReStores or visit Mike is on the left and Keith is on the right in this “Lunch with Les” photo.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Central Bank Selects Chris Tomlinson As Senior Vice President GGL Loan Officer

Chris Tomlinson has been selected as Senior Vice President GGL (Government Guaranteed Lender) Loan Officer for Central Bank announced John Thompson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Central Bank.
Tomlinson, based out of Central Bank’s St. Augustine branch, will be working primarily in the Northeast Florida market, offering customized financial services through SBA Lending Express, 7A and USDA lending vehicles to area businesses.
Prior to joining Central Bank, Tomlinson served as the Market Executive North Florida Region for Abundant Solutions Finance. He started his banking career in 2005 in Gainesville, Florida, as a financial business specialist with Wachovia. He has served in various commercial banking positions with financial institutions including BBVA Compass, Bank of America and Chase.
“Companies located in North Florida and those moving to North Florida are seeing a need for government supported financing to assist their growth and expansion plans,” explained Thompson. “Chris has had extensive experience with every type of government loan. He knows the pitfalls and he knows how to expedite the process to give our customers a real advantage with their lending issues. We are very fortunate to have Chris join Central Bank.”
Central Bank (, with headquarters in Tampa and branches in Winter Park and St. Augustine, Florida, is a full service, independently owned Florida community bank offering personal and business banking services. Central Bank has a 5 Star rating from Bauer Financial Rating Agency.