Monday, September 28, 2020

Regardless Of COVID-19, Gateway Business Advisors’ Cal Heseman Can Help You Sell Or Buy A Business

If you are thinking about selling your business as a result of the coronavirus crisis or if you have just been thinking about selling for any other reason, now is the time to take that first step with a free Estimate of Value of your business from Cal Heseman, Senior Business Broker with Gateway Business Advisors. Cal, a Certified Merger & Acquisition professional, can help you evaluate your company; consult on preparing your business for sale; reach out to potential buyers; and help you all the way to the closing table to get the most dollars for your business. He has worked with over 130 different types of businesses. If you’re selling because of COVID19, retiring, having a major change of life event, you’re a serial entrepreneur or you’re just tired of the business, contact Cal at 904-521-3602 or email him at And if you’re interested in buying a business, he can help you there, too. Cal is pictured (on left) along with Les on the “Lunch With Les” telephone line.


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Florida Harbor Pilots Keep Supply Chain Open During Pandemic

So that you are able to go to the store to get your sequestered supplies (toilet paper included), there are about 97 people in Florida, who face risk of all kinds before anyone - that’s our state’s Harbor Pilots. Laura DiBella, the executive director of the Florida Harbor Pilots Association, explains that every foreign flag vessel, by law, has to have a harbor pilot safely bring those ships into Florida ports. These brave men and women have to go out to sea to meet vessels coming from all over the world, 24/7/365 – rain or shine and, yes, pandemic included. The pilots she calls the “first responders of the blue economy,” help get ships to port to continue the economic supply chain, while protecting the environment, guiding ships through ripping currents, sand bars and other marine hazards – and all at no expense to taxpayers. DiBella was just 4 months into her new job when the coronavirus issue began. For the first time, her association has had to work with nearly all Florida Department sectors at the same time in an effort to keep all 97 pilots safe and secure in the disruption of cruise and cargo. For more, visit DiBella is pictured along with Les on the “Lunch With Les” telephone line.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Studio Podcast Suites Provides Complete Podcast Services For Jacksonville Businesses

 Would you like to add podcasts to your marketing mix but you don’t have the equipment or don’t even know how to begin. My buddy, Gary Spurgeon has created a unique way for anyone to take advantage of this fast growing marketing tool. As the owner of Studio Podcast Suites, located near the Town Center, Gary has the facilities and resources to produce professional podcasts for any business. He helps you through the process with 2 handouts - a Podcast Checklist and a Podcast Program & Format planner. He handles production, editing, provides commentators/hosts, customized cover art and assistance with directory placement. Podcasting is the fastest growing advertising channel with over 9 million Americans listening to podcasts every month. I knew Gary as the GM at WEJZ radio. He has over 40 years in the broadcast industry with Renda and Cox. His podcast studio concept has become so popular, he has been asked to expand in markets all over the U.S. For information on price packages, call 904-394-2594 or email Gary is pictured (on left) along with Les on the “Lunch With Les” telephone line.  

Thursday, September 24, 2020

McCauley Uses The TAC System To Differentiate His New Engineer Recruiting Firm Highlander Consultants

When firms are looking to hire an engineer, many times the recruiter hasn’t listened to the specifics of the job, which results in a longer search and costly mis-hires. But there is a new Jacksonville-based engineer recruiter, Highlander Consultants, that avoids miscommunication through its operational philosophy, known at TAC. It stands for T(time) A(attention) C(communication) to help them fully understand what a firm is looking for and matches them with qualified candidates from their extensive database. While Chris McCauley started Highlander Consultants last October, his 24 years of experience, knowledge of the industry and contacts take him far from being a start-up. The demand for his services has led him to opening a Tampa office, with plans to be in cities all over Florida. His recruitment services include direct hire, contract, contract-to-hire and pro-active placement. His recruiting areas includes manufacturing, civil, energy, environmental, architectural, construction, medical device, aerospace, automotive and transportation. For a recruiter who listens and communicates, visit or call 904-394-2624. Chris is pictured on the left in this “Lunch with Les” photo. 


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Eric Smith Has Brought Vital Public Services To Jacksonville

If you have ever called 911 or, heaven forbid, you have to call the emergency number in the future, you have Eric Smith to thank for bringing that critical service to Jacksonville. Eric, a long time friend of mine, is an active attorney in Jacksonville who has distinguished himself as a strong advocate of children, the elderly and crime victims. In his 6 years in the Florida House of Representatives and 20 years on the Jacksonville City Council (twice as Council President), Eric, in addition to 911, has helped bring vital services such as the national fingerprinting ID system and the Crime Victims Center to Jacksonville. Currently, his practice involves both paid and pro bono work with retired individuals, adoptions, personal injury and even lobbying work. From being Dean and Professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law to Board Member of the Exchange Club Center for Prevention of Child Abuse, Eric is always involved in the community. Currently you can find him chairing the Former City Council Presidents & Friends organization each month at the Mudville Grille. Eric is always available to talk at 904-596-5707; Eric is on the right in this “Lunch with Les” photo.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Find Hidden Business Revenue With Bryan Process Management

Your small business may have access to much needed revenue and you may not even realize it. Whether trying to survive the COVID-19 crisis or just trying to grow, there is a resource in Jacksonville you need to tap. That’s John Bryan, CEO of Bryan Process Management, Inc. Many of you know John as former Director of the Jax Chamber Councils. John recently retired, but now he is on his own, focusing on finding hidden revenue in a business’s existing processes. John’s operation is a very quick, one-time project effort to help your business identify revenue potential for a minimal one-time fee. He has an extensive small business management background, in addition to his work with the Chamber. He was a consultant for 25 years in process management, business strategy and organization development with some of nation’s top financial institutions. Plus, he was CEO of Improv! Corporate Workshops, using comedy techniques in training (which explains the photo!). If your business needs an infusion of cash, John could be your ideal resource. Contact him at (904) 270-9169; He is pictured on the right along with Les on the “Lunch With Les” telephone (tin can) line.


Monday, September 21, 2020

Liberty Life Is A New Medium To Reach Northeast Florida Military Service Members And Veterans

Finally! There’s now a medium to reach the estimated 350,000 person military and veteran market in Northeast Florida. It is call Liberty Life. Creator and Publisher Joe Snowberger, along with Sam Taylor (former publisher of Folio), have developed a weekly print magazine and digital version to deliver news to military service members, veterans, DOD personnel and their families on the “Liberty Coast.” With seven military installations, numerous commands and thousands of veterans (representing all services) from Kings Bay to Camp Blanding to the Florida National Guard Joint Forces Headquarters in St. Augustine, the market is considered one of the nation’s largest military communities. There are no longer base newspapers and the Times Union ceased publication of their on-base publications. So this is the only targeted vehicle for communicating to a community that composes about 23% of the Northeast Florida population. The publication welcomes stories, editorials, photos and calendar contributions regarding military related activities. For ad rates go to You can contact Joe Snowberger, on the right in this “Lunch With Les” photo, at 904-476-7861 or at